Tom and Louisa's Wedding

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Welcome to our wedding web site!  We are thrilled that you plan to join us in celebrating our wedding!  We hope you are looking forward to October 23rd, 1999, as much as we are (well, almost as much).  The goal with this web site is to provide any information you might need for our wedding weekend in the Buckeye city of Columbus, Ohio.  Please check back occasionally for updated information.

Can I RSVP online?
How do I get to Columbus?  Where do I stay? 
What's the schedule for the weekend?
Where are good places to eat?
What else is there to do in Columbus?
Where are you guys registered?
Who's in the wedding?
How did Tom propose? (Warning! May cause unrealistic expectations in single women)
What's on this site, anyway?

If your question isn't here, then send us an email and we'll see what we can do.

Looking forward to seeing you on our big day!

Tom and Louisa